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  • Medical instrument cleaner
  • Medical instrument cleaner
Medical instrument cleanerMedical instrument cleanerMedical instrument cleaner

Medical instrument cleaner

  • Product Code:CT-336B
  • size:25 kg
  • Grade:medical grade
  • Type Clean:ultrasonic/Soak

Product feature

1.Without phosphorus, wastewater discharge is easy to biodegrade.

2.This product is formulated with natural ingredients extracted from plants and implanted into white mice to test for safety and non-toxicity.

3.Suitable for degreasing and decontamination of various medical devices


It is suitable for cleaning medical equipment, instruments, surgical equipment, acupuncture needles, implanted human instruments (such as heart stents, steel plates), etc. Can remove surface soil, sand, dirt, slime, grease, oil, fibrous tissue, particles, deposits, fingerprints, chemicals and solvents



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