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  • Neutral cleaner
Neutral cleanerNeutral cleaner

Neutral cleaner

  • Product Code:CT-213A
  • size:25 L
  • PH:7+-1
  • Type clean:ultrasonic

Product Feature

1.This product is currently a very good degreasing product,neutral and environmentally friendly,simple waste water treatment, easy to biodegrade.
2.It has strong penetration ability , good emulsification,clean oil removal,and good water washability
3.Suitable for many kind of metal
4.To Cutting aluminum,pure Aluminum etc active metal cleaning can keep gloss and original color.
5.For aluminum products keep 80 degree immersion 2 hours,Accessories do not change color.

6.Gloss copper after cleaning still keep original color and not damage to the gloss surface.


Various metal and plastic oil remove cleaning,especially for aluminum product, aluminum alloy Galvanized sheet and copper product.



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