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  • welding solder cleaner
  • welding solder cleaner
  • welding solder cleaner
welding solder cleanerwelding solder cleanerwelding solder cleaner

welding solder cleaner

  • Product Code:CT-217A
  • Size:1/5/25 kg
  • PH:0.5~1.5
  • Type clean: Soak or Wipe

Product Feature

1.Remove welding Spot rapidly and complete,Goodcorrosioninhibitionformetal

2.No harm to skin and safety for water environment

3.After remove the welding spot.The substrate is slightly discolored


Use for 302,304,316,321good corrosion resistance 300series stainless steel solder spot and welding  spot cleaning . Also can cleaning the heavy oxide layer of pure aluminum and aluminum material cleaning but they became white matte. The high temperature oxide layer also are the cleaning object.

(Noted:not strong corrosion to same series products, please ware gloves while using this soluton for long time)
Not suitable for:201、202 stainless steel.
Not suitable for home use



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