Ultrasonic cleaner

  • Ultrasonic Industrial cleaning
Ultrasonic Industrial cleaning

Ultrasonic Industrial cleaning

A New Advance Industrial Clean

——— Ultrasonic cleaning

Clean your products with ultrasonic, using ultrasonic cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning agent. Clean your products quickly and effectively, improve the quality of your electroplating or paint process.

·Cost effectively / Saves money

·All around safety(operators, storage&environment)

·Highly effective cleaning

Our cleaning agent provide metal-cleaning solutions that can be used on a variety of surfaces and with a variety of methods, including soak, immersion, electroclean, spray, and ultrasonics.

Tianyue's cleaning products are engineered to remove many types of dirt such as buffing compounds, water-base lubricants, straight oils, paraffin wax-oils, cutting fluids, machining lubricants, stamping oils, quench oils, and smutty steels. Our latest cleaning technology removes difficult-to-clean metalworking fluids and carbonaceous smut.

Ultrasonic cleaning demonstration video:



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