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Tianyue cleaner solves the problem of mask making, helps fight the COVID-19 Share

The melt blown nozzle is the core equipment of the mask material, and the die head and the spinneret assembly are the core of the melt blown production equipment. In the production process, if the nozzles block the holes, it will greatly affect the efficiency. If it is not handled well, it cannot be used at all, which is very troublesome.

Many people use toxic and harmful solvents such as thinner or thinner when blocking holes and need to clean stubborn stains. This poses a very big safety risk. Tianyue cleaning agent is a safe, environmentally friendly, professional and efficient cleaning agent, which can ensure efficiency and benefit the health of employees.

Tianyue cleaning agent is formulated with imported high-quality penetrants, surfactants, rust inhibitors, dispersants and other meticulous formulations. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, professionalism and high efficiency. It has excellent cleaning ability and can quickly clean dirt. Shorten the cleaning time, improve production efficiency, and greatly extend the service life of the mold. It is widely used in the cleaning and maintenance of mold equipment, and is dedicated to the cleaning of melt-blown cloth molds, nozzles, through-holes and mold cavity glue stains.

The characteristics of professional and efficient cleaning agent for meltblown cloth die head:

Safety and environmental protection: water-based formula design, does not contain toxic or harmful ingredients, no residue, no combustion, no safety hazards, and can be used with confidence.

Professional and efficient: Excellent cleaning ability, can quickly clean dirt, strong through-hole ability, and also have a very strong cleaning effect on stubborn glue stains. After cleaning, the die is as clean as new, clean and refreshing.

Tianyue has sixteen years of ingenuity research and development, and strives for perfection. A variety of professional and high-quality special cleaning agents for meltblown cloth die heads can meet the needs of different needs and different positioning customers.


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