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How does the electroplating industry improve production efficiency? You may have overlooked this before processing Share

How does the electroplating industry improve production efficiency? You may have overlooked this before processing

With the rapid development of industry, the electroplating industry has also followed the rapid development to meet industrial needs. The electroplating industry uses electroplating of iron parts as the most common and most widely used.
Nowadays, the requirements for electroplating are getting higher and higher. The electroplating of iron parts is varied, such as nickel plating, chromium plating, copper plating and other types of plating. The competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce.
How to control costs and improve production efficiency is a problem that all electroplating factories want to solve when they want to break their heads, but everyone may overlook one point, that is, the very critical pre-processing.
The pre-treatment is directly related to the quality of the finished product. No matter how good the electroplating agent is, if the pre-treatment is not done well, it will be a waste.
Iron parts electroplating is the most common for degreasing. There are many degreasing products on the market. The quality is uneven. There are very cheap 6 yuan 1 kg degreasing powder, and there are more than 10 yuan 1 kg degreasing powder.
Half of the very cheap degreasing products have several characteristics:
First, it is not durable, and the cleaning solution will have no effect soon;
Second, the cleaning efficiency is low, and the degreasing cleaning time is very long;
Third, the quality is unstable, and sometimes it can be removed, and sometimes the oil stain cannot be removed.
Some international brands have very good degreasing powder results, but prices are generally artificially high, making production costs higher, and there are some cleaning problems that cannot be effectively solved.
For example, a relatively common putty problem for iron parts. To remove the putty, it is necessary to remove the oil powder for cleaning, but many large international brand products cannot solve this problem.
Tight hardware cleaning.jpg
Based on this kind of situation, Tianyue Chemical has devoted special efforts to research and development to overcome this problem and completely solve the problem of putty cleaning.
Tianyue has more than ten years of rich experience in electroplating pre-treatment cleaning, and has developed first-class products. We produce direct sales from the factory. At a cost-effective price, high-quality products and services, we create a domestic environmentally friendly degreasing brand to help China's manufacturing trend. world!


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