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Tian yue setting a new goal during COVID-19 Share

Shen Zhen Tian Yue New Material Technology Co.,Ltd  As one of the best supplier of Environmental cleaning agent in China. Who setting a new goal during COVID-19  on 28 th ,June,2020.

 Since the COVID-19 Happen on last year December. It spread faster and faster.All over the world suffer from the this virus. All the world people's  life are being threatened.The reason is caused by breaking the ecological balance of the ring and destroying the environment. Meanwhile the world that our living had alreay Pollution, If we still pollute the environment without restraint, it will cause a more serious crisis than COVID-19 in the future.

Shen Zhen Tian Yue New Material Technology Co.,Ltd  President Mr Chen Yue Call on all employees to pay attention to and pay attention to this matter. And hold a meeting on 2pm,28th June 2020.

The meeting pointed out:We must strictly implement the production of pollution-free, non-toxic and non-polluting environmentally friendly cleaning agents, so that the country and the world can use our products more assured and more beneficial to society.

Although our number is not large, we also use our entire hands and wisdom to safeguard the environment in which we live

Do our best to do our products well, strictly guarantee that every product that goes out can contribute to society and the environment


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