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The pre-spray treatment degreasing and cleaning process determines the main factors of the quality of the spray. Share

Before the spraying process such as spraying, in addition to the inspection of raw materials, the most important factor in determining the quality of spraying and spraying is actually the pretreatment degreasing and decontamination situation.

    This is a very important step that can't be bothered. If the residual oil stains are not cleaned well, the adhesion of the sprayed surface will become extremely poor, wrinkling, shedding, and inequality will easily occur.
    Therefore, we must pay attention to the pretreatment and cleaning step. In the initial stage, we must also do some tests on the cleanliness of the cleaning to ensure the quality of the spray.

    For safety and environmental protection considerations, special oil removal cleaning agents are used in conjunction with cleaning equipment (ultrasonic waves, heating tanks, etc.) for degreasing cleaning, so this time a sufficiently efficient cleaning, convenient and safe, environmentally friendly cleaning agent products are particularly important .

    Tianyue Chemical has been focusing on surface pretreatment cleaning and degreasing for more than ten years. It has independently developed and produced a variety of environmentally friendly degreasing agents and cleaning agents that can be used for different metals, different environments and different needs. We will also provide professional technical support and after-sales service for free to ensure the reliability of the use effect.


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