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how to cleaning the heavy oil for industrial equipment Share

Industrial oil pollution cleaning and heavy oil pollution cleaning have always been a difficult problem in industrial cleaning. Some machinery and equipment in the factory have been used for many years and have not been cleaned in time, they will be covered by heavy and stubborn oil pollution. The general cleaning method It is difficult to remove at all. The long-term existence of oil pollution not only affects the efficiency of the equipment but also threatens the service life of the equipment. So how should these heavy oil be cleaned?

First of all, choosing the right cleaning agent is the most important, such as degreasing powder and degreasing agent.

Degreasing powder is a very common chemical degreasing agent on the market. Its appearance is solid powder particles. When it is used, it is dissolved in water and then cleaned in the next step.

The degreasing agent is a liquid cleaning agent. Compared with the degreasing powder, it does not require manual dissolution. The cleaning effect of the two is generally not much different, mainly depending on the environment of use and the habits of users.

No matter the degreasing powder or degreasing agent, there are many types. For example, ordinary degreasing powder, it is more difficult to clean those stubborn oil stains. The so-called technical industry has specialization. At this time, it is necessary to use more professional heavy oil pollution degreasing powder to clean. It is specially designed for cleaning heavy oil pollution, and it is more easy to clean heavy oil pollution.

After we choose the right cleaning agent, we can use different cleaning methods to clean. If it is to clean the oil on the small workpieces, then generally use a cleaning tank or ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean, if it is larger For machines and equipment, spraying or wiping is possible.

The heavy oil pollution in industrial production is certainly troublesome to clean, but only to find the right professional products and the correct cleaning method can be easily solved!


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