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How to choose a medical-grade cleaner? Share

Medical-grade cleaning agent, as the name implies, refers to a cleaning agent that can be used to clean medical-related products and equipment.

Medical is a matter of life, and safety is the first priority. If ordinary industrial cleaning agents are used to clean medical-related equipment, it is also easy to cause medical safety problems.Because there are strict requirements for hygiene and safety, a suitable, clean and safe medical grade cleaning agent is extremely important.

CT-336B medical-grade environmentally friendly cleaner is a high-efficiency cleaning agent made by Tianyue using high-purity raw materials carefully formulated and produced. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, non-toxicity, and long-lasting; it has excellent cleaning effects and is suitable for medical equipment and instruments. The cleaning of surgical equipment, acupuncture needles, implanted human instruments (such as heart stents, steel plates), etc., can remove dust, mucus, oil, fibrous, sediments, fingerprints, chemicals, and solvents.

CT-336B medical-grade environmentally friendly cleaning agent has passed strict tests, is safe and non-toxic, and is worthy of entrustment. It is the first choice to ensure medical safety.


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