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How to clean silicone oil? Share

A company needs to clean the methyl silicone oil on the surface of the silver-plated electrode. They have used aviation gasoline for cleaning in the past, but it is not safe. So they want to find a cleaner that is safe and does not damage the silver-plated surface.

So we have designed the following cleaning solutions for them:

1. Choose CT-213 neutral cleaner, used at a ratio of 5%, soak for 20-30 minutes at room temperature to clean the surface layer of silicone oil.

2. Wash off the cleaner with pure water.

3. Dry the parts by hot air.

As a result, the cleaning effect can not only quickly and effectively clean the silicone oil, but also does not damage the silver layer. Cleaning silicone oil is not actually very hard. Just let the professionals do professional.

CT-213 neutral cleaner is a high-efficiency cleaning agent produced by Tianyue using imported high-purity high-quality raw materials and carefully formulated and produced. It is environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive. Strong penetrating ability, good emulsification, clean degreasing, and good washing performance; excellent performance, wide application range, suitable for cleaning oil stains on metal and plastic surfaces, especially suitable for cleaning oil stains on aluminum products, aluminum alloys, galvanized sheets, and copper products. Neutral environmental protection, simple waste water treatment, easy to biodegrade, is a very good oil removal product.


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