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Environmentally friendly cleaning agent, non-phosphorus, non-toxic and harmless, can widely clean a variety of products and equipment Share

Environmental protection cleaning agent has a wide range of applications. It can clean a variety of equipment or products, such as oil stains on metal workpieces, aluminum alloys, cutting oil, wax, and engine oil. It can also clean silicon materials, circuit boards, and LEDs in electronic products. , Optical lenses, etc., have excellent cleaning effect on oil stains, wax, rosin, ink, etc. attached to them.

The environmental protection cleaning agent is so widely used, thanks to its stable performance and excellent characteristics:

First, it has a strong cleaning power. The environmentally friendly cleaning agent is developed by introducing production technology from Germany. It has an extremely good performance in cleaning power. It can quickly dissolve stains and achieve the desired cleaning effect.

Second, it does not corrode the substrate. The formula of environmentally friendly cleaning agents is scientific. Different traditional cleaning agents enhance the pH value in pursuit of cleaning efficiency. Its mild temperament does not corrode the substrate, which makes it still able to clean precision electronic products. Safe and secure.

Third, non-toxic and odorless, this environmentally friendly cleaning agent is water-based, without any irritating odor, no volatility, so it can be applied in many environments, and some processing workshops are more closed, using this environmentally friendly cleaning agent , Non-toxic and tasteless, can avoid many troubles.

Fourth, green and environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly cleaning agents are green and environmentally friendly products, passed the national environmental protection department testing, SGS certification, do not contain harmful substances, do not contain phosphorus, no harm to the human body and the environment, and now many companies have begun green transformation, choose environmentally friendly cleaning Agent is an inevitable choice.


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