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industrial cleaners more expensive? How much more expensive than traditional cleaning agents? Share

As environmentally friendly cleaning agents come into the market more and more mature, many companies enjoy the convenience brought by environmentally friendly cleaning agents, and many companies have not yet selected environmentally friendly cleaning agents. The biggest factor is probably the price. So is environmentally friendly cleaning agent more expensive? How much more expensive?

In terms of degreasing powder, the price of a kilogram of ordinary degreasing powder is about USD1.6 , and the price of environmentally friendly phosphorus-free degreasing powder may be USD1.8 , which is about USD0.2 more expensive. In the case of some cleaning ability, it is environmentally friendly and does not contain phosphorus. The required process and raw materials are naturally more expensive, but the gap between the two dollars is actually within the acceptable range.

And here is the assumption that the cleaning power and the oil holding capacity are the same. Different degreasing powders actually perform differently in this respect. Maybe you can use the cheaper degreasing powder to clean the effect and quality of only two kilograms. The effect of one kilogram of degreasing powder is a little more expensive. Therefore, when buying, you should keep your eyes open and look for reliable suppliers.

There are many other types of environmentally friendly cleaning agents. For example, in the case of environmentally friendly optical lens cleaners, if they used anhydrous ethanol for cleaning, the price seems to be very cheap compared to professional environmentally friendly optical cleaning agents. , But if other factors are taken into account, it is not enough.

The environmentally friendly optical cleaning agent has a more efficient cleaning efficiency than ethanol, which can increase the production rate of the factory. Second, ethanol has volatility, and the cleaning process will lose a lot. The environmentally friendly optical cleaning agent is non-volatile and can be reused. When it comes to the working environment and health of employees, the pungent smell of ethanol is extremely high, which is also not available in environmentally friendly cleaning agents. On the whole, it is more beneficial to the enterprise's production capacity and efficiency as well as the environment.

In recent years, environmental cleaning has become an increasingly rigid national standard. For enterprises to upgrade and transform, it is also inevitable to take the path of environmental cleaning. To sum up, although the price of environmentally friendly cleaning agents is higher than that of traditional industrial cleaning products, it is worth it in most cases. Tianyue Chemical has been focusing on environmentally friendly cleaning agents for 12 years, and has been adhering to the principle of small profits but quick turnover and mutual benefit, and sincerely looking for more partners.


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