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Solve the problem of aluminum alloy drilling degreasing Share

How to clean the aluminum alloy cleaning agent to degrease the holes on the aluminum alloy products? Recently, a customer in Huizhou found us about this problem.

The customer's product is a large aluminum alloy. After drilling, there is oil residue in the drill hole, which needs to be cleaned. And because part of the paint is sprayed on the customer's product, the paint cannot be washed off or discolored.

Because it is drilling cleaning, we first recommend customers to use ultrasonic cleaning, and recommended our multi-functional alkaline cleaning agent, this cleaning agent can wash away all kinds of oil stains, and will not cause corrosion on the product surface paint.

Since the customer has no experience in using ultrasonic cleaning, our technician Chen Gong came to the door to give some technical suggestions and product samples to the customer.

For the situation and requirements of customers' aluminum products, we recommend the following processes:

Use an ultrasonic cleaner, add 55% temperature at a 5% ratio, clean for 5 minutes, and clean the oil.

But the problem is that oil stains have a certain corrosion on the paint on the aluminum alloy.

Therefore, the process was improved, the use ratio of the cleaning agent was halved, and the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning was adjusted to normal temperature. Thus, after the experiment, the paint on the product was not corroded, and the oil stains in the drilling hole were completely washed away.

The end customer was very satisfied with the solution we provided, and also affirmed the serious and professional attitude of our company's door-to-door service.

After this visit, we also found some problems. For example, customers who have no experience in ultrasonic cleaning lack a lot of understanding of the production process. If they want to directly clean but not water, bake it out directly. It needs to be rinsed in water and washed 2 to 3 times. Some industries with higher requirements need to use pure water for rinsing.

There is also a lack of customer safety awareness, and direct contact with cleaning products. This is very important. Although we often say that some products are non-toxic and non-corrosive, they are chemical reagents after all. We know that washing powder for a long time will cause peeling. The corrosiveness of the cleaning agent should be higher than that, so I would like to remind everyone here that there must be a safety standard to prevent accidents.


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