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Strong degreaser performance characteristics Share

Strong degreaser performance characteristics: the use of ultra-concentrated formula can quickly penetrate and emulsify various oily dirt, coke, etc., and can restore the original surface state after cleaning;

Application of powerful degreasing agent: This product is widely used in metal processing, metal manufacturing, machine repair machinery and other surface cleaning.

Method of using high-efficiency degreaser: Refer to the severity of the stain when using, dilute the product 1:20 times and then clean, use ultrasonic cleaner, cleaning tank or high-pressure water gun and so on.

The shelf life of Tianyue Chemical's powerful degreasing agent: store at room temperature (25℃) for at least two years.

Packing specification: 25KG/barrel


1. The technical performance and application methods described in this product are for professional reference only. The actual use process needs to be adjusted according to specific conditions and conditions. In the use of new products and changes in technology, you can communicate with Tianyue technicians in a timely manner, we will assist in feasibility tests for optimal use;

2. Tianyue degreaser is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product, but please wear rubber gloves when using it, because long-term contact will cause some damage to the skin (refer to the daily use of washing powder).

3. Please avoid contact with eyes during use. If you accidentally splash water, rinse with clean water. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor;


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