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Industrial cleaning agents are indispensable in ultrasonic cleaning, especially in precision metal processing, metal stamping and drawing process, optical and electronic industries, it is widely used.How do we choose a good cleaning agent?

Recently, a technology company approached us and asked for help, hoping to completely remove the oily putty on mobile phone accessories, the material is 304 stainless steel. And the accessories are easy to stack together, and the cleaning is not clean.

After understanding the situation, the technicians designed a cleaning plan based on years of professional experience:

1. 206B alkaline degreasing cleaning agent, used at a ratio of 5%, 60-70 ultrasonic cleaning for 5 minutes, to clean the surface oily dirt and putty

2. Rinse with water.

3. Hot wind dry the parts.

The results showed that after cleaning, the oily putty on the mobile phone accessories was completely removed, bright as new, clean and fresh. The parts are stacked together, so it is easy to wash and not clean. Therefore, turn the parts properly during the cleaning process so that the parts are not stacked together, so that the oil stains can be thoroughly cleaned.

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