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Can the waste liquid be discharged directly by using environmentally friendly industrial cleaning agents? Share

The discharge of industrial waste water is a headache for many small and medium-sized enterprises. With the increasingly strict environmental protection, the discharge of industrial waste water is also subject to more and more stringent restrictions. Many companies that do not have too many environmental protection concepts have to start to face it. Environmental protection issues of wastewater discharge.

Recently, I often receive questions from some customers about environmentally friendly industrial cleaning agents, and I came up to ask if there are environmentally friendly cleaning agents that can be discharged directly?

industrial cleaning agents

In fact, there is no waste liquid of industrial cleaning agent that can be directly discharged. Even if only pure water is used for cleaning, the oil in the cleaning liquid cannot be directly discharged.

National laws stipulate that all industrial waste water is non-dischargeable, especially industrial cleaning waste water, which cannot be discharged directly. If cleaning waste liquid wants to be discharged, it is necessary to ensure that the detection of phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals, pH and COD in the waste liquid meets the relevant indicators.

The requirements for industrial wastewater discharge have always been very strict. Some manufacturers claim that their products can be discharged directly are irresponsible. Industrial cleaning wastewater cannot be directly discharged, and environmentally friendly cleaning agents are only relatively environmentally friendly, usually referring to no phosphorus, no nitrogen, and no heavy metals. It is convenient to make an environmental assessment under the existing regulations. It is relatively simple to treat wastewater.


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