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How to choose the right industrial cleaning agent? Correct understanding of these three points can solve all problems Share

         Industrial oil cleaning has always been a difficult task for many factory cleaners. Only by choosing an industrial cleaning agent that meets their cleaning needs can the effect of high cleanliness be achieved. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a good understanding of cleaning workpieces, cleaning equipment, cleaning agents, and cleaning methods, so that the cleaning work can be doubled with half the effort.

        1. Workpieces to be cleaned

Generally, there are aluminum, copper, iron, zinc alloys and other types of workpieces to be cleaned. In the production process, the type of dirt on the surface of the workpiece (oil, wax, dust, etc.) 3. Whether the structure of the workpiece is complex, with seamless gaps and blind holes 4. Whether there is The surface coating is easy to scratch and fall off. 5. Whether it is easy to rust. 6. Whether the workpiece is made of composite materials, such as plastic inlaid on the alloy. 7. Whether there are special requirements for chemicals (such as banned chemicals, environmental protection requirements) , Acid-base, etc.);

2. Cleaning conditions

Before starting the cleaning, we must first understand the cleaning object and cleaning environment. The main points are as follows:

1. When cleaning mechanical workpieces, pay attention to whether there are residues on the surface

industrial cleaning agent

2. What is the equipment's anti-rust and anti-tarnish ability? Whether it can use strong alkaline cleaning agent

3. Whether there are surface treatment processes such as electroplating, blackening, anodic oxidation, painting, PVD coating, and vacuum coating treatment.

3.cleaning agent selection

Alkaline cleaning agent is an emulsion formed by adding an emulsifier to an alkaline solution, which can reduce the tension and adhesion of the oil film to the surface of the equipment, so that the oil film is broken into very small oil droplets, and no longer returns to the metal surface, thereby removing surface oil stains . It should be noted that different cleaning agents should be used to clean parts of different materials. Alkaline solutions have different levels of corrosion on metals, especially for aluminum.

If the equipment needs anti-rust and anti-corrosion, then water-based metal cleaning agent is needed. The cleaning agent is mainly surfactant, which has strong decontamination ability. In addition, there will be some auxiliary agents in the cleaning agent, which can enhance the anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability of the metal cleaning agent.


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