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Which cleaning agent should be used in the production and processing of metal parts? Share

        The indispensable process in machining production is the cleaning of metal parts and materials, because the laser cutting process of different metal materials and different types of oil stains may appear on the surface of the mechanical equipment at the same time, so I want to ensure the correct development of the production process. It is necessary to completely remove the oil stains on the metal parts. The most widely used method is to use ultrasonic cleaning equipment with water-based industrial metal cleaning agents to clean.

        Because of the different types of oil stains on the surface of the parts, the appropriate cleaning method is selected according to the composition of different oil stains. Commonly used cleaning agents include chemical pickling, chemical alkali cleaning, gasoline kerosene cleaning and water-based metal cleaning agents. The first three cleaning methods exist Defects of varying degrees and narrow application scope, while metal water-based cleaning agents use surfactants as the main body, which are low-polluting, non-dangerous, special cleaning agents, and become the main development direction of the metal cleaning industry.

ultrasonic cleaning equipment

        Classification of metal cleaning agents:

        1.According to the scope of application, it can be divided into the general type and special type. The meaning is obvious. It is a cleaning agent dedicated to a certain type of oil, while the other can clean oily stains, and even has the characteristics of anti-rust and no irritating smell.

        2. According to the application cleaning object, it can be divided into ferrous metal cleaning agents and non-ferrous metal cleaning agents.

        3. According to the product form classification, it can be divided into liquid, powder, and so on.

        4. Cleaning agents composed of organic solvents are called solvent-based metal cleaning agents. The cleaning principle is to use the Russian organic solvent contained therein to dissolve and clean the oil stains on the metal surface.


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