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Four advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning equipment for electroplating coating cleaning Share

        The poor quality of electroplating coating is partly due to poor cleaning quality before plating. Decorative electroplating and functional electroplating have higher requirements on electroplating quality. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment should be very popular in electroplating, while precious metal electroplating and special The pre-treatment of electroplating can not leave the ultrasonic cleaning.

        The traditional cleaning before electroplating mostly uses multi-stage chemical degreasing and electrolytic degreasing, supplemented by various mechanical aids. Compared with ultrasonic cleaning before electroplating, it has obvious advantages.

        1. Simplify the cleaning process before plating

        One-time ultrasonic cleaning is often better than multiple chemical and electric degreasing effects. For electroplated parts with complex shapes, chemical and electrolytic oils are difficult to achieve the desired effect, but ultrasonic cleaning can be easily achieved.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

        2. Fast cleaning speed

        Usually, the ultrasonic cleaning method is used, which can greatly increase the cleaning speed, and the cleaning time will not exceed 5 minutes, and it is easy to implement on the electroplating line.

        3. Use water-based cleaning for wax removal

        The polishing paste on the surface of the polished parts is difficult to clean. The domestic industry has developed a lot of special wax removal water, or because of the high price or poor processing quality, the wax removal still troubles the electroplating industry. Some have to use organic solvents and the pollution is very serious. The ultrasonic cleaning agent cleaning can better solve this problem.

        4. No damage to the surface

        The ultrasonic cleaning equipment before electroplating is easy to implement. Usually in the cleaning process of the electroplating line, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is installed and appropriate degreasing and dewaxing agents are selected. Ultrasonic waves usually adopt single-sided/double-sided emission on the electroplating line (depending on the volume of the tank). The temperature range for degreasing is 45~65℃, and the temperature can be increased appropriately for wax removal, but it should not be higher than 80℃.


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