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What cleaning agent is more suitable for ultrasonic cleaning equipment Share

        As people's requirements for industrial cleaning efficiency become higher and higher, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also used more and more widely. Many companies have purchased ultrasonic cleaning machines. So which cleaning agents are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machines? Are traditional cleaning products applicable?

        First of all, what we know is that most of the products cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machines are metal workpieces, copper and aluminum plates, optical glass, etc., which are relatively small in size and relatively clean.

ultrasonic cleaning equipment

        Ultrasonic cleaning is essentially immersion heating cleaning. All water-based cleaning agents must be used. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning uses ultra-high frequency vibration to achieve the cleaning effect. All the environmental protection and safety performance of the cleaning agent itself have higher requirements.

        So all in all, the ultrasonic cleaner equipment needs to be equipped with water-based environmentally friendly ultrasonic cleaner products, so as to achieve the purpose of both high efficiency and environmental protection.

        Many manufacturers now promote their products directly under the name of ultrasonic cleaners, which are essentially water-based cleaners, but they are not necessarily environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Therefore, when choosing ultrasonic cleaners, you must ask about the nature. Keep your eyes open!


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