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The plating solution is an acidic plating solution;New invention electroplating solution with good gloss and containing more than 90% PT alloy.
The coating has a bright and snow-white effect, and is resistant to discoloration and abrasion.

Hardness can reach 400~600HV, and has excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

No. Solution characteristics Content The best 
1 Type of plating solution Acidic /
2 PH range 1.0~2.0 /
3 PT content 1.5g/L ~2.5 g/L 2.0g/L
4 Use liquid temperature 60 ~85 degree 75 degree
5 Operating current density 1.0 ~ 5.0 A/dm2 3.0A/dm2
6 Plating speed (1.0μ) 1.0A/dm2  8min. /
7 Plating purity More than 90% Pt alloy /
8 Plating hardness 400 600 HV /
9 Density 21.37 g/cm3 /
10 Color snow-white  /
Plating time: 8~30 seconds according to requirements
Supplementary methods
After every 20AH use, please refer to the following supplements to supplement:
CT-029 (Pt content 5g/bottle) 1 bottle (100 cc/bottle)
1 bottle of CT-029B gloss agent 1 bottle (100 cc/bottle)
1 The mixing of organic impurities increases the stress and is prone to cracks. So please do activated carbon filtration often.
2 The mixing of copper, iron and chromium metal debris will have an adverse effect on gloss and adhesion, and also
Pay attention to the debris left on the hanger
Copper (20ppm), Chromium (10ppm), Iron (20ppm), Zinc (200ppm)
If it exceeds the above content, there will be adverse effects such as sand spots and unevenness.
3 When the AD area is small, there are brown foreign objects attached to the surface of the AD during electrolysis. After the operation, it will naturally dissolve.In the case of frequent operation, brown foreign objects will peel off.
To prevent the appearance of sand spots, pleaseUse an anode bag.
4 Due to different operating conditions, the addition of benchmarks may be different from the benchmarks mentioned above, but in establishing your company’s unique basis Before getting started, please refer to the criteria above.
5 Operating temperature will change the current density, so your company should set its own normal operating conditions.
6 If there is any problem in the use of this plating solution, please contact our technical department.
Opening method
When opening the cylinder, please add the rhodium platinum opening agent (2 times solution) to the electroplating tank, add 10/L sulfuric acid calculated according to the working solution, add Pt supplement 40 ml/liter, light agent 40 ml/liter, add Purified water to the water level, heated to (75 ℃) use temperature, can be used.
Add supplement packaging
(1) ct-029 platinum supplement: contains 5g platinum per bottle
(2) ct-029b gloss agent 100 c.c./bottle
(3) Opening agent (2 times liquid) 20 liters/barrel


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