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CT-288 non-cyanide pure gold electroplating solution is a completely cyanide-free electroplating solution, with real core technology, stable operation, safety and environmental protection. The color tone is a shiny 99.98% pure gold plating solution with high stability of 24KT, hardness of 70~100HV, and excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance with very excellent effects.

No. Solution characteristics Content
1 Type of plating solution Sulfurous acid
2 PH range 9.5
3 Gold content 10g/L
4 Use liquid temperature 55 degree
5 Operating current density 0.1 ~0.5 A/dm2
6 Plating speed  1A / h/0.5g
7 Gold ratio gold 99.98%
8 Metallography 24Kt
9 Hue Gold 
10 Plating hardness 70~100HV 
11 Density 19.30 g/cm3
12 Liquid specific gravity 13~28


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