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The price of rhodium metal is soaring, what should the electroplating rhodium industry do?

Recently, the price of rhodium metal has skyrocketed. From less than 1,000 yuan/g last year, it has soared to more than 3,000 yuan/g, and it has more than tripled in just over half a year. This will undoubtedly increase production for rhodium electroplating companies. The cost has increased greatly, and many companies urgently need a product that can replace rhodium metal plating.

Save 5 times the cost, 95% rhodium plating effect, would you use this rhodium electroplating process?

Tianyue Chemical launched CT-029, a platinum electroplating process that replaces rhodium electroplating. It is different from ordinary platinum electroplating. It can reach 95% of the rhodium plating effect. It has excellent hardness and brightness. It has been verified for many times and is stable and reliable. To adjust the process, just change the plating solution. More importantly, compared with the currently scary rhodium metal, the cost of using this process is only 1/5 of the rhodium.

The process flow is simple, no special adjustment is required

Taking the previous generation of rhodium electroplating on copper as an example, the brief process is:

Copper pretreatment→acid copper→copper tin plating (or palladium, nickel)→platinum instead of rhodium plating→post-treatment

There is no special adjustment to the whole process flow compared to rhodium plating, so that it can be done quickly and easily when the process is changed.

Comparison of test results:

It is close to the excellent effect characteristics of electroplating rhodium, and at a very low cost, it is believed that it will become a good substitute for rhodium electroplating.


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