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How to degreasing and cleaning aluminum? Share

How to degreasing and cleaning aluminum? These two problems must be solved-aluminum degreaser.

How to remove oil and clean aluminum products? Two problems should be paid attention to when removing oil from aluminum products. One is to clean and thoroughly remove the oil, and the other is not to corrode the aluminum and cause discoloration.

Aluminum degreasing is usually for machining oil residues such as cutting oil, stamping oil, etc. from aluminum processing. It is necessary to ensure that the degreasing is clean and thorough. If the remaining oil is not cleaned, the finished product will be unqualified. How to clean it? One is to have a suitable process, such as the use of ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning efficiency and capacity can be greatly improved, and the other is the cleaning ability of the degreaser;

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the degreasing agent does not cause corrosion to aluminum parts. Aluminum is a metal that is relatively easy to be oxidized and corroded. Many degreasing agents will cause corrosion, discoloration and blackening when cleaning aluminum. Such products are also unqualified. , So the composition of the degreaser is very critical.

To sum up, we need to adopt a suitable cleaning process and a suitable degreaser product in order to perfectly remove the grease on the aluminum surface.

Tianyue Chemical's environmentally friendly aluminum neutral degreasing agent, neutral and safe, does not corrode aluminum, and can effectively remove oil and grease in 3 minutes.


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