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why metal surface need to cleaning before plating Share

Surface treatment is applied to increase the efficiency of all powder
coating and wet paints. Corrosion resistance and adhesion ability of
the paint increase as a result of the correct surface treatment.
Problems such as corrosion and blisterization in the coating are
caused by improper application of the preliminary preparation. Surface
treatment is usually more important than the final coating.

No matter how good the applied paint system is, long-term protection
should not be expected from the paint unless the foreign substances on
the surface (oil, rust, grease, oxide layer, etc.) are completely
cleaned and a full contact between the paint and the surface is
achieved. Because, foreign substances that will remain between the
paint and the surface negatively affect the main properties such as
adhesion, hardness, gloss and resistance expected from the paint.

Dipping degreasing baths generally consist of alkaline degreasing
chemicals. Along with high alkalinity and temperature, degreasing
process is performed on metal. It is suitable to use before iron
phosphate, zinc phosphate and manganese phosphate coating baths.
Degreasing additives can also be used to increase the effectiveness of
such baths.

In spray degreasing baths, there is an additional pressure difference
compared to dipping baths. Thanks to the pressure, the cleaning effect
is maximized. Bath temperature is lower than dipping systems and
process time is shorter. Appropriate degreasing chemical should be
selected according to the type of metal and the amount of oil/grease
on it. It can be used in iron, steel, copper, zamak, brass, aluminum
and galvanized parts.

Ultrasonic degreasing baths remove oil on metal parts with the help of
sound vibration, chemical effect and temperature. In general, it can
work with neutral degreasing chemicals as well as working in medium
alkaline environment. The bath temperature is not high and the
processing times may be longer depending on the amount of grease layer
on the metal.


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