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  • Die cast aluminum Cutting Fluid
Die cast aluminum Cutting Fluid

Die cast aluminum Cutting Fluid

  • Code:CT-7510
  • Life circle:3~6 month
  • function:Cool /anti Rust /Lubricaton/cleaning
  • Object:Die-cast aluminum
Item Name CT-7510 Green Cutting Fluid
Concentration Grinding process :3~5% Diluent Cutting process:5~10% Diluent
Life cycle 3~6 month
Package 200Lsteel drm or 18L Plastic bucket
Retention period

1 years

Product feature

1.It is composed of various synthetic rust inhibitors, lubricants and additives.

2.Good lubrication, cooling, cleaning, anti-rust performance, easy to clean.

3.Non-toxic, odor-free, non-irritating to the skin, no deterioration after long-term use.

4.Excellent rust resistance, providing online protection for machine tools and processed parts, long-term use will not corrode machine tool paint,

and will not cause discoloration.

5.Compared with the emulsion, the cooling performance is remarkable, and the liquid has a stable life.

Product Feature

Recommended concentration

Advice concentration: grinding 3~5% diluted , cutting processing 5~10%,

The concentration can be adjusted according to the processing requirements

Preparation method

Dilute this product with clean tap water (higher requirements, it is recommended to use pure water), stir well and use

When using new fluid

First clean the liquid storage tank and machine tool table, install fixtures, iron filings and dirt, then use 1~2% of this product diluent, 0.3~0.5% sterilization cycle cleaning and discharge. Prepare the working fluid with the required concentration and use it after recycling

Bath supplement

When the tank liquid needs to be replenished, add the corresponding proportion of the original solution of the product while adding water to maintain the necessary concentration



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