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The role of industrial cleaning agents in the cleaning of power station boilers Share

The regular chemical cleaning of power plant boilers is to ensure the normal operation of the power plant. Electric boilers are an important part of the entire power plant. After long-term use, scaling will occur, which seriously affects the efficiency of the boiler, so it must be cleaned and maintained regularly. , And what kind of role the cleaning agent can play during cleaning, and what the entire cleaning process is like, I will explain it for everyone below.

The use, functions and advantages of industrial cleaning agents in the chemical cleaning of power station boilers:

1. When cleaning power station boilers, most of them use weak acid descaling cleaning agent. This type of cleaning agent is added with high-efficiency corrosion inhibitor to effectively prevent internal corrosion of the boiler. It needs to be diluted with water before cleaning, which simplifies and facilitates the installation and operation of the cleaning site.

industrial cleaning agents

2. Strong slow-release performance: the cleaning agent added with high-efficiency slow-release agent is conducive to the pre-filming after cleaning, and it is also convenient for the treatment of cleaning waste liquid

3. Effectively prevent and inhibit the electric corrosion of copper alloy and carbon steel composite parts during the pickling process of copper pipes.

4. Reducing labor intensity is conducive to users' direct use and regular cleaning and maintenance of the boiler, saving equipment maintenance expenses and prolonging the service life of the boiler.

It has a strong cleaning effect against sulfate scale, and a special surfactant is added specifically for insoluble scale.


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