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Why can ultrasonic cleaning replace the traditional cleaning mode? Share

Taking the traditional industrial cleaning agent process as an example, when cleaning metal parts such as factory electromechanical equipment and various mechanical bearings, strong acid rust removal and strong alkali degreasing are the main methods. With the continuous development of industrialization and the upgrading of the metal product industry, factories have increasingly higher requirements for the cleaning process of various mechanical bearing metal parts. It is obvious that traditional cleaning methods have been difficult to meet the current cleaning requirements.

So what are the main problems that will occur when using strong acids and strong alkalis for cleaning?

1. Strong acid cleaning will cause hydrogen embrittlement and pickling and other loss of metal surface material, which will cause cleaning quality problems.

2. It is difficult to discharge and treat the cleaning waste liquid of strong acid and alkali.

3. Strong acid and strong alkali cleaning methods are difficult to adapt to the development trend of non-corrosive, low-cost, and less polluting parts cleaning procedures.

industrial cleaning agent

Therefore, traditional cleaning methods can no longer meet the progress of production technology and the increasing environmental protection needs of society. Since the advent of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the 1950s, the application of ultrasonic cleaning technology has gradually developed from the earliest medical field to the production process of the food industry, machinery manufacturing, optical components and other industries, and the matching ultrasonic machine cleaning agents have also emerged in endlessly. Mainly water-based cleaning agents using anionic surfactants.

So what are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaner technology over traditional cleaning solvents and phosphoric acid solvents? How is it applied in the metal products industry?

1. High cleaning quality

Ultrasonic cleaning agent is cleaned by ultrasonic cavitation, and is cleaned by combining physical and chemical effects. It is very suitable for large-scale, high-precision cleaning.

2. High efficiency and energy saving

Water-based ultrasonic cleaner can remove rust, degrease, and can be diluted according to the severity of the stain to reduce the amount. The cleaning speed is also much higher than that of corrosive solvents such as phosphoric acid, and the cleaning efficiency is also higher.


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