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What kind of cleaning agent is specially used to clean aluminum? Share

As the application of aluminum alloys becomes more and more widespread, the demand for aluminum cleaning agents is also gradually rising. In the process of industrial production and use of aluminum, there is a high probability that rolling oil, anti-rust oil, and dirt during transportation will be adhered to. Therefore, the surface of aluminum alloy needs to be cleaned by chemical cleaning methods to remove grease, pollutants, and dirt on the aluminum alloy. And other stains. Today, I will share with you the cleaning agents suitable for aluminum alloy cleaning. The cleaning agent contains: water-retaining cleaning agent, polishing cleaning, alkaline cleaning agent and aluminum alloy cleaning method.

1. Environmental protection water-based cleaning agent

In the beginning, aluminum alloy cleaning was done with traditional solvent-based cleaning agents, which were mainly used for the refurbishment and cleaning of aluminum alloy parts to remove oxide scale, oil and dirt on the surface. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, non-environmental cleaning agents such as ODS have been gradually banned, and environmental cleaning agents have become the mainstream of the market. For example, Lanfei aluminum alloy degreasing agent does not contain phosphorus and ODS substances. It is mainly used to clean surface oil stains and has a cleaning effect on aluminum alloy welds and oxide scales. The water-based cleaning agent is processed by a variety of surfactants, solvents, antistatic agents, and brighteners. It is specially used for cleaning aluminum materials and can safely and quickly remove various dirt on the surface of aluminum materials.

alkaline cleaning agent

2. Polishing and cleaning

Generally speaking, the surface treatment of aluminum products should be polished, which not only makes the appearance of aluminum products have a bright appearance, but also the uniform and smooth surface can disperse and reduce the adsorption of corrosive media and improve the corrosion resistance. For products that are generally not demanding, chemical polishing will be used for cleaning

3.alkaline cleaning agent

Alkaline chemical cleaning agents can clean most metals. Due to the chemical nature of aluminum, chemical cleaning agents that are too alkaline will corrode the aluminum surface and leave marks on the aluminum surface.

There will be different choices in different situations. There is no absolute good or bad between various cleaning agents and cleaning methods. The one that suits you is the best.


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