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The development trend and application of commercial cleaning agents Share

The real industrial cleaning industry has been developed for decades. Its production has brought huge economic and social benefits to industrial production. It has now become an indispensable part of industrial production and has successfully Solve many practical problems in production practice. However, as the ecological environment is getting worse, all countries have issued corresponding laws and regulations for environmental protection. Environmental protection is the trend of future development, and it is also the route that must be taken for sustainable development. Society has more and more requirements for environmentally friendly green pollution-free commercial cleaning agents. The more urgent. For commercial cleaning agents, this is undoubtedly a huge challenge. Whether the product's environmental protection indicators meet the standards has already determined the future development of the company.

1. Development direction of commercial cleaning agents

At present, the development direction of modern commercial chemical cleaning technology mainly has four aspects, namely environmental protection, functional, refined, and integrated development. Commercial cleaning technology can be roughly divided into three types: chemical cleaning, physical cleaning, and microbial cleaning. Chemical cleaning agents are divided into organic solvent-based cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents according to different water content. Weakly acidic or medium-sized organic compounds will replace strong acids and strong bases; water-based cleaning agents will replace solvent-based and emulsion-based cleaning agents; biodegradable environmentally-friendly cleaning agents will replace difficult-to-decompose pollution-based cleaning agents.

commercial cleaning agents

2.the application of commercial cleaning agents

It is mainly used for cleaning in the production of mechanical processing, metal processing, electrical and electronic production, ship repair, automobile repair, precision processing, printed circuit production, resin processing, glass optics, and other parts. It is also used before painting, plating, and heat treatment. The cleaning is also used for the cleaning of a large number of industrial equipment and parts.

3. Technical requirements for commercial cleaning agents

The basic requirements of modern commercial cleaning agents are not to corrode the surface metal of the cleaning object, have an anti-rust effect in a short time, super cleaning ability and cleaning speed, long-lasting cleaning, improved brightness, low foaming, low odor, low harm to the human body, low toxicity, Mild cleaning conditions, no residues after cleaning, no by-products during cleaning, room temperature cleaning, environmental protection, and degradability, etc. may become the focus of customers, energy-saving, reliable, and sustainable development of cleaning agents.


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