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The current problems and contradictions faced by the domestic industrial cleaning industry Share

At present, there are many problems that need to be solved in the cleaning industry in our country. These problems are concentrated in some contradictions and problems that cannot be taken into account in the cleaning process. To solve these problems, it is necessary to conduct analysis and research on such problems to find better ones. For a comprehensive solution, the following is an exploratory analysis of the problems related to cleaning agent products in the cleaning industry in recent years:

1. The product homogeneity of domestic industrial cleaning agents is serious

As an auxiliary product in the production process, industrial cleaning agents are very typical general-purpose industrial products. Judging from the current domestic production of cleaning agents, the formulations of many products of the same type are basically similar, and the degree of homogeneity of the products is relatively high, lacking substantial differences. This is because, on the one hand, most of the industrial cleaning agent manufacturers produce in accordance with the general cleaning agent formula. Commonly used cleaning agents are generally verified in practice, and their formulas are public. On the other hand, the cost of developing new efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning agent formulations is very high. Except for a few large companies that can really carry out the research and development of new formulas, most of the so-called new formulas of manufacturers are partial improvements on the existing basis. Therefore, it can be said that the products of most industrial cleaning agent manufacturers are basically the same, and the substantial difference is very small. How to effectively distinguish themselves from the products of other manufacturers and leave a unique impression in the minds of users is sales The important problem facing.

2.the contradiction between the special and universal industrial cleaning agents

With the general improvement of production levels, more and more specialized production equipment and facilities have emerged. Under the current technical conditions, there is no cleaning agent with a wide range of applications but the effect is not affected. Objectively speaking, due to differences in equipment manufacturing materials, structures, uses, and dirt generation, targeted use of dedicated cleaning agents will have better results. However, the over-professional use of the cleaning agent will also increase the use and production costs. From the perspective of users, there are many types of cleaning agents, which will increase the cost of purchasing, storage, and transportation. From the perspective of manufacturers, the scope of use of special cleaning agents is relatively small. With a relatively fixed market radius, the production of a wide range of products will also increase the cost of raw materials, production, transportation, and marketing. Therefore, how to find a suitable balance between the special purpose and general purpose of cleaning agent products is also a problem that domestic cleaning agent manufacturers need to solve.

cleaning agent products

3. The contradiction between the improvement of cleaning efficiency and the choice of cleaning method

At present, the cleaning efficiency of my country's cleaning industry is generally not high compared with developed countries. It is necessary to choose a method with high efficiency and simple and feasible. This is faced with the question of what method to use and what cleaning agent to clean, and the efficiency is high. And cleaning that can take into account the simple and feasible cleaning process has always been a problem we face. For example, chemical cleaning, which we are currently widely used, has a fast cleaning speed but low efficiency. One is the post-cleaning treatment problem, the second is the safety protection of personnel during the cleaning process, and the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. Disposal and discharge of waste liquid after chemical cleaning. Environmental protection has become an important factor restricting cleaning behavior, which poses a severe challenge to our cleaning technology and process in the formulation of our cleaning plan and the choice of cleaning agents.

4.the contradiction between the cleaning ability of the cleaning agent and the environmental protection requirements

At present, there is still no biodegradable high-performance biological cleaning agent in China. The general biological cleaning agent has low cleaning performance, high storage requirements, short storage time, difficult to survive in acidic environments, and is resistant to stubborn dirt such as scale and rust. The cleaning ability of objects is not high. Although the environmental protection requirements of the cleaning agent have been fully considered, the cleaning ability is limited.

5. The contradiction between the cleaning speed of the cleaning agent product and the urgency of starting the equipment

General cleaning agents have limited cleaning speed and capacity, and their cleaning time is long, which invisibly delays the normal start-up process of the equipment and affects production. Although intuitively, the cleaning cost is low, but in fact, the time is Extending, resulting in labor costs, post-cleaning processing costs, and production delay costs are greatly increased, and the price paid is far higher than the cost of using high-performance environmentally friendly cleaning agents. For example, the cleaning procedures of large-scale ethylene equipment are complicated, which is a large-scale system project. The slow speed of any link will affect the progress of the entire cleaning project.


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